Leaf Music is an integrated record production company.
We assist our artists in producing high quality recordings and also lend our
expertise to other aspects of projects, as required, including mastering, design,
mechanical licensing, CD manufacturing, promotion, and distribution.




Album Production

Leaf Music has produced dozens of successful album projects with artists across Canada and the USA. Our team of producers, engineers, editors, and designers can handle virtually every aspect of a successful audio or video recording. While our primary expertise lies in classical and acoustic genres of music, we are also comfortable taking on projects that push conventional musical boundaries and reach across genres and artistic disciplines.  We thrive on helping artists and composers achieve their goals.



Post Production

Our production studio is specifically designed to edit and mix classical and classical-adjacent music comfortably and quickly. We offer professional multi-track editing and mixing in both Pro Tools HD and Pyramix Virtual Studio. Our workflow provides our engineers and clients with the freedom to deliver products quickly and on budget. We have helped numerous clients restore and improve old and damaged recordings.  We are experienced in transfers from analog formats (tape, vinyl, 78 etc.) and use world-class digital restoration tools from iZotope, Merging Technologies and Massenberg Design Works to bring life and warmth back into your historical recording.  We can even remove disturbances from live concert recordings such as coughs, sneezes and page turns that would make an otherwise unusable recording into a masterpiece.




 Remote Recording

Capturing a live event, concert or session can be a challenging task.  There is no room for failure as the moment cannot be repeated.  Our redundant multitrack recording systems are reliable and offer you piece of mind.  We can help you make a high quality recording that is suitable for archival purposes, grant submission, artist/festival promotion or commercial release.  We can also incorporate single or multi-camera HD video recording or streaming of your event.




Multicamera Video Production

Leaf Music equipped for production and post-production of professional multi-camera live performance videos.  We have produced video content for clients including Symphony Nova Scotia, The National Arts Centre, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and others.  Through our video distribution agreement with Naxos of America we have delivered content to platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon Prime Video and others. 




Leaf Music is pleased to announce the company’s new distribution service: Leaf Music Distribution.
The new service delivers music releases to major digital retailers and streaming platforms through Leaf Music’s long-time partnership with Naxos of America.

“I'm thrilled that Leaf Music is launching 'Leaf Music Distribution,' our new distribution service. This platform will help broaden the number of artists we can serve and, notably, support emerging artists, composers, and ensembles to reach new audiences.

Leaf Music has offered marketing and publicity services to artists working with other labels and distributors for many years. Sometimes, we encountered distribution problems outside our control that led to costly delays. We hope to put those days behind us. Offering access to the same high-quality and reliable content services as the artists on our roster through Leaf Music Distribution increases the value we can provide to all our clients.” - Jeremy VanSlyke, owner – Leaf Music